Railroad Buildings   Every railroad needs stations. Our Passenger Station is a typical New England prototype with bay front and full wrap around platform. The Freight Depot has a raised wooden dock on 3 sides and a matching loading ramp in the rear. We also offer trackside structures which are ideal to add some eye appeal in small corners and/or narrow spaces between trackage. The Coaling Station and Utility Building, both wih cedar exterior construction, are great for branch lines or sidings. The Trackside Shanty works well for grade crossings and busy track intersections. Our larger Coaling Tower and Sanding Facility are ideal for use in major junctions or train yards. The Engine House/Car Barn is also based on a New England prototype, but could be found almost anywhere on American railroads. The roof-mounted smoke hoods mark it as built for the steam era, but many such structures survived for later use with diesels. The unit is available in 1- or 2-stall styles.


Specialty Buildings   The Log Cabin is an eye-catching and unique structure for that remote, rugged corner of your layout. It is constructed of individual pine “logs” over a solid wood base. The full height chimney is made of real rocks and the roof is actual “tar paper” to simulate roll roofing seamed with hot tar. The Rustic Cabin, built of cedar planking, makes an interesting companion piece. Our Barn is based on a Pennsylvania prototype and will provide an appropriate centerpiece for your farm scene. Your farm scene can be completed with dome-topped Silos, Barn Sheds/Extensions (available with or without “barnyard” sounds), and of course, a Farmhouse. Also, be sure to provide plenty of convenient Outhouses on your layout.


Western Town Buildings   With over 20 structures to choose from, variety is the key here to build the cowboy town you want with a mix of large and small buildings to include: General Store, Hotel, Saloon, Restaurant, Sheriff, Café, Dentist, Lawyer, Stage Office, Gunsmith, Laundry, Bootmaker, and so forth. The Western Town-style structures come with attached cedar boardwalks in front, allowing them to be lined up to portray an authentic cowboy street scene, These buildings were designed to compliment the western railroad scenes of the past.


Façades   Our Façades come in a number of designs and are also easily customized for your pike. Variety is the key here, with façades available in four basic series: Western, Industrial, Modern & “Big City.” The Western Style Façades are only 2.5” deep including the front cedar boardwalk. The length is approximately 24” with building heights ranging from 6” to 11”.
    Designs include: Livery Stable, Fur Trader, Café, Gunsmith, Feed and Grain Store, Bank, Butcher, Tobacco Shop, General Store, Tavern, Haberdasher, Inn, Barber, Bakery, Hotel, Bank, Sheriff, Western Union, Saloon, Restaurant, Laundry, Lawyer, Jail, Bootmaker, Fire Hall, Lumber Company, Spectacles, Opera House, Stagecoach Office, and many others. Combinations of almost any three storefronts per façade can be made to order.
    Our Industrial Fa
çades feature factory style motifs suitable for any era. Large loading docks are included with either redwood or cedar decking, and customized lettering for your business name of choice is available.
    The Modern Façade series depicts typical 1920
present structures in a downtown environment. Commercial and industrial fronts behind “concrete” sidewalks are available with each façade measuring about 24” wide, 4” deep, and 8” to 11” high. Some of the available designs are: Train Stations, Offices, Hotels, Restaurants, Taverns, Town Hall, Pharmacy, Retail Stores, Barber, Hairdresser, Winery, Pub, etc. Combinations of two or three storefronts per façade work best.
    Our “Big City” Fa
çades are for those of you who want to depict a real “Metropolis”. They are our largest (8” deep / 17” wide) and highest (18” to 26”) façades and are meant to be set side by side to create full city blocks. Units feature a high level of detail with outdoor cafes, colorful shop windows, and generous building trim. These facades are predominantly custom units built to fit your railroad and include such fronts as: Department Stores, Hotels, Office Buildings, Restaurants, and Assorted Shops,


Custom-Made Structures   VES Enterprises knows that you are the expert on how your railroad should look. To that end we offer custom design services for buildings and façades that will meet your specific requirements. These structures may be unique buildings such as the large 2-story factory building, or modifications of our standard offerings such as the European style façades. We can also personalize our structures with your favorite colors and signage including names of friends and family. Please feel free to contact us regarding your ideas and requirements.
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GALLERY section of this website for photos of a few custom-built items now being enjoyed by our customers.